I grilled the lettuce tonight for dinner. My daughter has done this with romaine.I have not done this before. And yes, there is some blue cheese dressing involved.  It was good. This basket really makes you think! Beth


2 thoughts on “LETTUCE

  1. Kim Galizio

    Ooooh, that’s nice. I know Tom did something like that, but I think he wilted lettuce and put it in a stir fry. Is that right, and which of the lettuces is the best to heat? I honestly really goofed this week and I think that I shelled the wrong bag of peas, and then I shelled the ones I was supposed to shell the first time! Oh, well…..they were both delicious, but I am sure that I wasted the good outer green part on one of them!

  2. theneighborboys

    Carolyn – It took me a while to figure out which peas to shell. Next week I’ll be sure to pay really close attention when they explain what’s in the box. I did wilt the salad greens into a stir fry last week. I must admit to having a terrible palate for greens, so I’m probably heating the “wrong” ones. I think I’m going to grill some of the red romaine tomorrow evening, though, and I’ll post my usual dressing recipe then.


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