G.P…Taste Tester

The second box of  different kinds of lettuce, peas,garlic scapes & baby kale has arrived.  I wanted to do something a little different this time, so I made individual veggie pot pies with a puff pastry crust. I sautéed the shelled peas, carrots, cabbage, purple onion and garlic scapes in olive oil, adding the baby kale at the end. I then added chicken broth, tomato paste (just a little) and thyme. Simmered the veggies till tender. To thicken the sauce a little, I made a mixture of flour and butter . I put the mixture into individual ramekin dishes that I topped with the puff pastry I had cut into circles. Brushed with egg wash (1 egg & 1tbsp water). Small slits on top to let steam escape. Onto a cookie sheet. 450 for 20 minutes or until brown. We had a side salad with parm cheese shards. I had my trusty taste tester GP handy and he said very good, but he wanted more of the top. ( surprise, surprise!)

GP at work!

I promised my sister, as in Carolyn, I would measure my ingredients next time.  🙂 Beth


4 thoughts on “G.P…Taste Tester

  1. theneighborboys

    Beth – I laughed out loud from the description and picture of your official taste tester. Maybe I’ll get my personal taste tester to pose sometime too. Also, I’m stealing the recipe/idea for later this week. It sounds and looks delicious!

  2. Jeff

    I LOVE it. That picture is priceless! I love the role of taste tester :). Pot pie is my fav so I love that Tom is going to make this too. Our dog is cowering under my chair because of this thunder storm….I’m off to try to coax him out.


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