So there are no Birdsong farm ingredients in this dish.  Instead, this dessert has rhubarb from my micro-garden.  I still vaguely remember the very first time I noticed that you could buy rhubarb in a grocery store, and I was in my mid-20s at the time.  It had just never dawned on me that there were people who didn’t have a rhubarb plant in their backyard (or at the very least have it available from their neighbors or relatives).  As a MN boy, I can tell you there is a reason that Garrison Keillor sings a song about rhubarb pie every week!

While the CSA vegetables are a bit of an ongoing cooking challenge and puzzle for me, baking dessert is always fun.  I also wanted to share a picture of the pie after serving so you could see that it’s the new mini-pie plate that I bought on our MN trip.  It’s hand made by a retired art teacher in my hometown and a special part of this dessert for me.  I’ll quit baking and get back to shelling peas now…


3 thoughts on “Dessert

  1. Kim Galizio

    I love the fact that the rhubarb plants from your family are growing so spectacularly in your garden! And after your description of the pottery shed and honors system of your retired art teacher and his work, it really made me want to visit there. You know how much I love all of my dishes, especially the ones that Kim’s Monna gave to me- so many of our sweetest memories are linked with dinners served on these plates!
    P.S. Grandpa Perry says “keep that food coming!”

  2. andrewsbeth

    That pie looks beautiful and tasty! If you have problems getting rid of any leftovers….I know people. Beth

  3. jeffchild

    It was soooo good 🙂 I love being the recipient of all of this great cooking! How lucky am I? I feel like grandpa but without my bib; dive on in!


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