Lemon pepper night

This evening we’re posting an “action shot” of dinner-in-progress.  In the foreground, you see chicken sauteeing in olive oil and lemon juice, with onion, garlic scape, salt, pepper, and paprika.  The sugar snap peas were briefly blanched and added to the mix at the last minute.  Also on the stove is a pot of boiling water with fresh lemon pepper pasta.  (In only two weeks, I think we have become firmly committed regular customers of Ohio City Pasta.)  And behind that, the waiting plate has the evening’s salad and the blender holds a mixed fruit smoothie.  After plating, I also deglazed the sautee pan with chicken broth to make a simple pan sauce.  How’s that for eating a rainbow?

Anybody doing anything creative with the bounty of peas this week?  So far I’ve been keeping it super simple to let the peas shine, but I’d love to hear some new ideas.


1 thought on “Lemon pepper night

  1. Kim Galizio

    That looks fabulous! I just talked to Bethy and wait until you see her wonderful potpies filled with peas and topped with puff pastry! I just shelled the green peas, cooked them for 5 minutes, cooled them in the frig and added them to a salad. They were so sweet!
    We also had snow peas in a stir fry over the Ohio City spinach pasta. I agree, Tom, that we are going to become regulars at their stand!


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